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Dried Flowers for a Scottish Elopement

In this blog post we explore why a bouquet filled with dried flowers are an amazing choice for eloping in Scotland.

Eloping to Scotland with its timeless beauty is a dream come true for many and has exploded in popularity since Covid. With factors such as the weather and time to consider, more and more brides and couples are turning to dried flowers.

The rustic and vintage appeal of dried flowers adds a touch of romanticism and nostalgia to an already magical vibe - eloping in Scotland!

There are several benefits to using dried flowers for your Scottish elopement

  • They aren't likely to wilt / need a lot of care that fresh do. Which is something to consider if you are picking up your bouquet a few days ahead of actually getting hitched and getting those all important photos

  • They hold up better against the Scottish elements ...i.e. think windy and bumpy country roads

  • They are a wonderful keepsake - they are already dry! So if keeping them and making something of them is important to you, you don’t need to worry about their care whilst busy celebrating post ceremony!

Incorporating Dried Flowers into Your Scottish Elopement

For an elopement the basics are usually the dried bridal bouquet and dried boutonniere / dried buttonhole.

But you don’t have to stop there. Popular add ons include dried flower crown, dried hair flowers such as a dried hair comb, dried flower headband or single taped stems.

You could also add on ceremony decor or dried flowers for bud vases or other tablescape designs.


Eloping in Scotland is one of the most romantic and adventurous choices you can make for your wedding. By adding in everlasting dried flowers you’ll add an extra layer of charm, ease and meaning to your intimate Scottish elopement.

My dried elopement package starts at £220 and includes

  • Dried Bridal Bouquet (with Silk Ribbon)

  • Dried buotonniere / Dried buttonhole

  • Travel vase and packaging

  • Postage

In any colour choice you like, to get an idea of the range of colour you can get with dried flowers click here to see my colourful dried flower gallery.

Get in touch here to order yours.

Photos with thanks to Sarah Barton Photography.



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