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tass n

a small heap of earth; a cluster of flowers

From Amanda Thompson's 'A Scots Dictionary of Nature'



Hi, I'm Sonia. In my previous life I worked as a Landscape Architect. Over time however, I became drawn more and more to working in and with nature (particularly flowers). Eventually I quit my job to work in a private garden for a year whilst exploring growing flowers in my own wee garden and enhancing my floristry skills, thus Tass Floral Studio was created. ​


Being a gardener and keen walker, both garden plants and those growing in the wild inspire my work; meaning free flowing, meadowy shapes are my style. ​When not playing with flowers or gardening I am usually up a hill or down the beach with my husband and our dog Freya, possibly with my eye on a G&T for afters....​​


We recently moved house (and garden!) from Glasgow to a much bigger plot in Ayrshire. I achieved so much with my previous few small beds that I am so excited to see what this garden can bring.

It will be a labour of love over the coming years to establish the type of garden I want; the new perennial style interspersed with shrubs that will provide interesting elements of foliage for my floral designs. We also have a greenhouse, vegetable garden and dedicated annual flower cutting patch. 

I like to change up what I grow every year (and plan it according to your wedding if seasonally possible) but typically I like to grow: tulips, corncockle, sweet peas, ammi, cosmos, dahlias, plus types that are great for drying. 


As well as some perennial stalwarts such as daffodils, roses, peonies, wild grasses and other textural plants or evergreen foliage for those winter weddings. 

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