Hi, I'm Sonia. In my previous life I worked as a Landscape Architect. Over time however, I became drawn more and more to working in and with nature (particularly flowers). Eventually I quit my job to work in a private garden for a year whilst exploring growing my flowers in my own wee garden and enhancing my floristry skills, thus Tass Floral Studio was created. 

Being a gardener and keen walker, both garden plants and those growing in the wild inspire my work; meaning free flowing, meadowy shapes are my style. 

I also love having things on hand in the garden to cherry pick and add to my work. I always try to be as sustainable as possible; never using floral foam and always aiming to use local seasonal flowers as much as I can.


  • Weddings

  • Funerals / Memorial Flowers

  • Styling

  • Bespoke orders and gifts

  • Workshops

If you want something but aren’t sure if I’d do it, I’m almost certainly interested. Don’t be shy, get in touch.

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According to A Scots Dictionary of Nature by Amanda Thomson, Tass or Tas can mean:  a small heap of earth or a cluster of flowers. This seemed very fitting to me starting my own flower business from my own small heap of earth (small suburban garden) and all because I love having a cluster of flowers by my side.