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Sustainability Policy

Whether it's creating bespoke bouquets, wild wedding flowers or natural funeral flowers, working in an environmentally friendly way is at the heart of what we do. 


No one is perfect but we have a number of principles that guide our work. 




As a micro-grower seasonality is key to what we do. We always use seasonal flowers, trying to grow as much of our own or use local, Scottish or British flowers wherever possible. As a florist with a background in landscape design, horticulture and gardening, I am able to advise on the best seasonal flowers for your day. 


The British Flower industry is great but there is still some work to do to meet the demand of multiple wedding florists up and down the UK, so I do also use imported flowers to get you the best for your day. I try to select flowers with the fewest airmiles involved. 


If you have any concerns about this, or want to use solely British, this is entirely possible and I am more than happy to do so. 


I grow a select amount of flowers on my own plot and if seasonally possible will choose a selection of flowers to grow for your own wedding at the time of booking. I never use pesticides and try to be as organic as possible, making as much of my own compost as possible from the six compost bins I have! Any compost bought in is never ever derived from peat. 




We never ever use floral foam. We recycle all packaging. We reduce and reuse wherever possible (from reusing plastic trays for weddings - hence why we ask for them back - to saving rubber bands when we pick up flowers wholesale). 


We now also have a hybrid electric vehicle. One aim for the next year is to buy a trailer for use when delivering and setting up large scale weddings to avoid renting a petrol/diesel van.

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