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Wild Spring Wedding Bouquet for a Micro-Wedding at The Bothy, Glasgow

Jess and Rob’s Intimate City Wedding at The Bothy, Glasgow

When Jess got in touch and asked me to do her wedding flowers she said ‘these tones, these colours, wild, other than that, do your thing’ and it was like music to my ears. It’s still one of my favourite bouquets I’ve ever done.

I used darker tonal ranunculus contrasting against beautiful soft pink roses and shimmering grasses, with two different types of beech foliage to create a dramatic, wild but utterly romantic bouquet.

I provided flowers to Anna Luntley at Two Eight Seven to work her magic on the matching Wedding Cake.

As Jess and Rob’s wedding shows, a small scale city wedding doesn’t mean you have to have small scale style. They wanted to keep everything really relaxed, letting the decor of The Bothy speak for itself and asked for the bouquet, cake flowers and two buttonholes.

If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve seen here, I do a small scale Elopement / City Wedding Package for a fixed price. Get in touch and let me know what you are looking for here.

Venue: The Bothy, Glasgow

Photographer: Eorsa Studio


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