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Wedding Table Flowers : A Guide

If you’ve found yourself googling “Flowers for tables at weddings” or such, this is the guide for you.

Most people want gorgeous blooms to fill their guests’ tables at the wedding reception but aren’t sure where to start. Also, if you’ve got 10 tables and want a focal floral piece for the table, that can eat up a lot of your budget. Before we dive into different types of table flowers there are a few things worth remembering.


The tables themselves. Are they round or rectangular? This might determine what looks best on the table, luckily most items look good on a round table but if it’s rectangular you might want to think about a line of flowers - runners, bud vases or a focal piece plus other table decor such as cheesecloth runner, bud vases and / or candles.

Also, what is going on the tables? Tables quickly get full. If you’ve got bottles of wine, favours, bottles of water, candles and table numbers/names with pictures, all on a small round table, a big large overflowing bowl of flowers might look a little bit squashed.


What type of food are you serving? If it’s a sit down 3 course plus meal, then the centre of the table will be free. If it’s being served buffet style on the table, you might not have much room, meaning something small scale or bud vases that can be dotted around the table will suit the reception better.


Everyone worries about the flowers being too tall and people not seeing each other over the flowers. A good florist will take this into consideration. In large or tall spaces however (grand rooms, marquees or where you want to make an impact) sometimes a bit of height is good. Metal stands are a good way to achieve this.


Remember however, flowers set the scene of your wedding and help create atmosphere in those everlasting wedding photos. As such, it’s worth speaking to your florist about how you can add character or really add to the vibe of the day through the table flowers.

So, now that’s been discussed, we move on to different types of table flowers.

A table set with bud vases and tapered candles
Bud Vases with Candles (Source: Pintrest)


Often seen, along with Jam Jars, as the most economical option, this is only true if you have a few. I usually recommend a minimum of 5 per table depending on the size, but if you’re budget is tight I’d recommend 3 per table + other DIY decor like some lovely tapered candles.


Jam Jars are usually the most economical but that doesn’t mean they are always cheap. I have a standard set size for Jam Jars and to make them look good, you still need a lot of stems. They are however great for rustic weddings and again look nice next to DIY decor such as log slices or candles.

A jam jar with pink and blue seasonal flowers for a summer wedding, on a rustic log slice
Andy & Steph's Pink and Blue Summer Wedding

An ikebana style flower arrangement for a wedding table with seasonal white flowers
Delicate Ikebana Bowls (Source: Pintrest)


I love ikebana bowls - small wee bowls filled with a few delicate flowers to give a truly meditative, ethereal and delicate feel. They aren’t everyone’s cup of tea however due to being able to see what we florists call ‘the mechanics’ i..e the flower frog in the bowl.


More often than not, floral bowls are what people ask for at weddings. Depending on the florals required and the size the price can differ widely. These are great however, for making an impact and can placed on round, square, rectangular tables as you and your florist see fit.

Source: Pintrest,, Pintrest


As previously mentioned, tall pieces are great for giving drama to a large space. They can be done on high metal frames or large scale vases.

High Abundant Meadow Table Centre Design (Source: Pintrest)

A beautiful table runner for a wedding in pink and whites
Floral Table Runner (Source: Pintrest)


Usually people will have a set piece for the top table - this is a bit like that, but entirely continuous down the middle of a table. As such, they are best suited to rectangular tables and require a lot of flowers to make an impact - and boy that they do. If you don't want something continuously down the table but still with this vibe, speak to your florist - there's lots of options from having a runner at intervals, to small/medium bowls at intervals or increasing the amount of your bud vases.


Like a runner, but much simpler and usually made predominantly of greenery. These can be done very simply or abundantly (with added flowers here and there) as you wish.

Simple & Abundant Green Table Garlands (Source: Pintrest)

I work on weddings of all shapes and sizes. I’m always happy to discuss what works best for you, your wedding vision and your budget, just send a quick email to see what floral magic we can work for you.


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