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Wild & Romantic Bouquets for Scottish Elopements

Updated: May 4, 2023

Planning a wild scottish elopement? Looking for a wild elopement bouquet? Read on for some tips and things to think about when looking for a florist and deciding on flowers.

The Scottish Elopement Industry is booming ; and I can totally understand why. As a keen hillwalker and resident of Scotland for over 10 years I have seen a lot of what Scotland has to offer. The romance & the drama of the absolutely spectacular landscape always takes my breath away. I adore Glencoe the most; the way the light falls on the hills, dappling them in soft light, almost as if mountain and sky meet….

This is aptly described by Nan Shepherd in one of my my favourite books The Living Mountain as she writes about walking in the Cairngorms:

“Light in Scotland has a quality I have not met elsewhere. It is luminous without being fierce, penetrating to immense distances with an effortless intensity.”


My flowers and floral designs are always influenced by the seasons but I also love making pieces that are like a reflection of a landscape at a moment in time; spring, summer, autumn or winter.

This is what I recently did for a photoshoot in Glencoe with Hope Allison Photography. I wanted to create a bouquet evocative of emerging spring; so blossom, delicate grasses that would sway in the wind, small florets of flowers as emerging buds, as well as bigger focal blooms to bring in some romance and drama.

I don’t do formal, tightly packed bouquets, so the natural free flowing movement of my style matches the wild and free spirit of adventurous elopements.


Flowers & Travelling

If you want to pick up the flowers en route and take them with you, you will need to think about fresh or dried, big or small.

Wedding grade flowers will last days but in order for them to look their best we would recommend not picking them up more than a maximum of two days before you use them. This is because florists usually condition them to be at their most optimum i.e stunning, for the day of your wedding photos.

If you take them yourself we package them up nice and safe, with a water source for you and our elopement package includes; 1 large bouquet, silk ribbon, 1 buttonhole and up to 40 miles delivery (so we can meet you en route if needed!)

Dried Flowers

Alternatively dried flowers make a wonderful wedding bouquet, they keep for years if treated well and act as a keepsake after your ceremony. Plus there is no time issue like there is with fresh flowers. We personally love working with both fresh and dried.

What if I want a little something extra? Like a ceremony backdrop?

Yes! There is no rule book that says just because you are eloping you don’t get to have as many flowers as you want.

A romantic floral backdrop, floral arches or aisle meadows in a beautiful landscape or stunning venue all sounds right up my street. We can also advise for Plan B incase the typically erratic Scottish weather acts up.

To discuss your elopement ideas - big or small - just get in touch. Enjoy the gallery and read on below to view my Top 3 Scottish Elopement Locations.

Photoshoot Team

Styling & Planning: Ella Mai Elopements


I thought I’d list my top 3 favourite locations for elopements beyond Skye & Edinburgh (which are stunning and not to be sniffed at!), but as someone who loves exploring Scotland here are some alternative places to elope in Scotland.

Wester Ross - Beautiful beaches and villages


Wester Ross is one of my favourite areas of Scotland, it covers a huge area and has huge red sandstone massifs that dominate the skyline, it’s rugged and wild landscape is like no other in Scotland. It also has the benefit of being home to Loch Marree often called ‘the most picturesque’ of Scotland’s lochs.

It also has some beautiful beaches, villages and venues.

If you like this try…..the enchanting Applecross Walled Garden, beautiful Shieldaig Bay or a personal favourite, the Ceidleh Place in Ullapool.

Glen Coe - Up a Mountain

Why? Ok ok, Glen Coe is probably pretty obvious. But are you up for a challenge?

The Buachaille Etive Beag is a small mounatin in Glencoe that gives you a big reward for small effort. It’s actually two mountains linked by a ridge, but a short hike will take you up to the first summit - Stob Coire Raineach - with beautiful views over Rannoch Moor. How many people can say they were married whilst bagging a munro?!

Just be sure you pick a season when the weather is dry (and low in snow) and you don’t mistakenly hike up the sister mountain Buachaille Etive Mor - as you’ll be hiking a lot longer (although I’m not going to stop you if this is what you fancy!)

Perthshire - Autumnal Tones Abound

Why? If Autumn is your thing, I genuinely can’t think of anywhere better to get married than Perthshire. I’m not sure why - but the colours in this part of the country are the best for autumn colour. I remember walking around Loch Faskallay, near Pitlochry a few years ago at the end of September and thinking it could rival the Japanese koyo (autumnal falling of the leaves festival) - but I may be bias.

If you like this, try the beautiful ruins of The Hermitage in Dunkeld


Other than having the benefit of being able to get married outside and anywhere, in Scotland you can also be married by either a religious/belief ceremony, civil ceremony, or a humanist ceremony.

It just needs to be approved by your celebrant/local authority for the vicinity you want to get married in.

In order to get married in Scotland you and your partner will need to give notice to the registrar (for the local authority you plan on getting married in). You do this by filling out an M10 form and you need to give a minimum of 30 days notice (and not more than 90).

You can find out more information here.


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