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Winter Wedding Flowers: An Edinburgh Micro-Wedding

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Planning a winter wedding and want seasonal winter wedding flowers but not sure how it could work? Read on to find out more.

A wild rich lush textural winter bouquet using seasonal flowers and greens
Heather's Wild Seasonal Winter Bouquet

Heather & Dan's Winter Micro-Wedding in Stockbridge, Edinburgh

When Heather got in touch for her Edinburgh micro-wedding she wanted purely seasonal, purely British flowers for her bouquet. The wedding date was 19th December.

Luckily Heather didn’t care about having certain types of (or any) flowers, she liked and requested the lush green, christmassy look and was happy to trust me to produce something to meet the brief.

I used lots of different evergreen and Chrsitmassy foliages to create a rich textural bouquet and added a few British grown paperwhites and alstroemeria as well as some dried seed heads I had in stock. The result was wild, lush, big and perfectly suited to her Stockbridge garden backdrop. The bouquet was tied off with beautiful orange and hot pink silk ribbons - Heather's favourite colours.

The tone of the day was captured perfectly by Natalia Swiader Photography.

Read on below to find out more about using solely British Flowers.

Using all British Flowers

Do you want a seasonal and sustainable wedding? One way is to use all British flowers. This is entirely possible - even in winter as you’ve just seen. Your florist will be able to advise you on what’s available but I regularly see British wholesale lists mentioning British grown Campanula, Ranunculus and Snapdragons. So it is possible to have flowers in December! Plus boutique Chrysanthemum growers are starting to make a comeback.

I always try to use local flowers whenever possible, and grow a selection of my own. Whilst I do use imported flowers to give you the best for the day, I am more than happy to do solely British if this is important to you.

Although using solely British will not limit you in any way in terms of having gorgeous flowers for your wedding, you may need to temper expectations in terms of varieties and what is available at certain times of the year as we will be working solely with the British seasons and industry rather than several others.

Spring and Summer, even autumn these days doesn’t really pose a problem in terms of the varieties and abundance of flowers available. But if you are getting married in the depths of winter and want British, don’t panic. Find yourself a florist who knows what they are talking about and who works seasonally. Trust them. Allow them and yourself to think outside the box and you will be astounded by what they come up with.

Flowers really do set the scene for your wedding - so to have something seasonal and wild as the backdrop or a bouquet that will match the backdrop, even in winter as here, will create something truly magical and memorable for those everlasting wedding photos.


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